Welcome To Capious Roadtech Pvt. Ltd.

CAPIOUS ROADTECH's front-ranking position was achieved by means of TOTAL approach to the needs and problems of the road & civil construction machinery manufacuring industry and an earnest commitment to provide automation excellence in road making machines.

CAPIOUS perception that the peculiarities and needs of each customer are different and depends on their area of operations allows the Company to serve its customers precisely, right from concept to completion. CORPORATE RESOLVE

CAPIOUS is committed to Manufacturing machines that are durable and user-friendly - Provide uncompromising quality adhering to M.O.R.T&H. (formerly known as M.O.S.T.) specifications - Timely execution of orders & customer friendly policies - Consistent innovation to develop newer & improved products, incorporating the latest technology - Quick after-sales service to maximise customer productivity

CAPIOUS is having 3 well equipped manufacturing plants acquiring own land area of more than 45000 Sq. Feet (i.e. more than 4100 Sq. Meters) in Vatva Industrial area of Ahmedabad city of India.

  • Complete Customer Satisfaction.
  • Quality is never an accident -but comes from concentrated single minded efforts to serve the customers with the best.

TOWARDS QUALITY Each machine at CAPIOUS is subjected to multiple quality checks during design and development, involving people from every department, to produce high quality machines that must deliver satisfactory performance

Customer feedback at CAPIOUS forms an important procedure in developing better and improved products.

Computer-aided designing enables us to design the most critical parts in such a way that they are capable of withstanding the severest of shocks and vibrations during operation

Almost ALL parts are manufactured at the CAPIOUS works, enabling the Company to provide its clients higher quality and after-sales-service.

Ready availability of all the frequently needed spares along with quick service response helps our customers achieve maximum productivity