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Wet Mix Macadam Plant

Capious - Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

In Continuing the tradition of providing automation excellence in Road Construction Machinery, CAPIUS has designed & engineered their Wet Mix Macadam Plant for achieving homogenous mix material to prepare base and sub base in Road Construction Projects.

Wet Mix Macadam Plant from Capious for base and sub base production provides higher productivity with close control on quality of mix and production costs. Manufacture from a rich experience of supplying around 100 plus installations across the globe.

With easy add on optional accessory equipments for precise metering of additives like cement, lime, emulsion etc.. and a capacity range from 100-300 Tph the.

Our Wet Mix Macadam Plants are available in Mobile, Portable and Stationary models.
Finest industrial design, built in to the product aims at uniform mixing without segregation, accurate proportioning and blending of aggregates and additives. The Wet Mix Macadam series plants are fully equipped to delivery precisely mixed cold mix, cement treated aggregates base course mixes, emulsion treated mixes etc.

Salient Features

  • Wear registrant alloy steel Ni-hard replaceable and adjustable tips for paddle arms.
  • Replaceable corrosion and abrasion resistant special alloy steel liner plates for longer life low power requirement
  • All conveyor structures are fabricated from heavy duty structure
  • Better mix and fluent discharge of mix material.
  • Rugged construction, components of world renowned, precisely engineered for base course applications
  • Uniform mixing and delivery of mixed materials without segregation
  • Accessories & Controls for all types of additives like cement, lime, emulsion, etc.
  • Accurate proportioning and blending of aggregates & additives for proper graded materials

Wet Mix Macadam Plant - Various Models
( Stationary Model)


WMM 100

WMM 150

WMM 200

WMM 300


100 TPH

150 TPH

200 TPH

300 TPH

Lower & higher capacity model being tailor made can be offered against specific demand.

The Wet Mix Macadam Plant consists of

Fourbin Feeder

Cold Aggregate Four-bin Feeder : Self relieving bin walls with proper slope ensures constant discharge of aggregate without bridge forming. Self relieving bottom openings of the bins with optimum area avoid interlocking. One bin meant for fines or dust is fitted with vibratory motor to ensure the free flow of material. Each bin is equipped with an adjustable opening door that determines the discharge quantity for the materials capacity in outlet, as a function of specific weight of materials. Width of each bin is compatible with the width of the loader bucket.

The material from each bin is drawn out by means of extracting conveyor driven by adjustable variable speed motor, coupled with gear boxes, that enables to increase or decrease the material output as per the job mix formula requirements. It is also possible to increase or decrease the total capacity without varying the preset settings by means of master control. The material from the each bin is discharged into gathering belt driven by constant speed A.C. motor.

Vibratory Screen with Slinger Conveyor

Vibratory Screen with Slinger Conveyor - Capious Roadtech Pvt. Ltd.
Single Deck Vibratory Screen : Single deck Vibratory screen ( 40 mm) is fitted at the end of Gathering conveyor for removal of oversized material.

Cold (Slinger) Conveyor : Separate detachable Slinger Conveyor is provided to transfer the aggregates received from the vibratory screen to feed into the Thermodrum. Slinger Conveyor is driven by constant speed A.C. Motor coupled with Gear Box. The rigid frame of Conveyor is fabricated from appropriate size of Channel and the Conveyor belt is supported by uniformly spaced Idler Roller stands. Any sagging on the return travel of the belt is also taken care-of by Idler Rollers.

Pug Mill

Pugmill unit-Capious Roadtech Pvt. Ltd.
The mixing take place in this unit. The unit Compromise of Twin shaft counter rotating type mixer for continuous and homogenous mixing of aggregates and additives. Extra heavy duty anti friction bearings are provided for smooth functioning of the system. A Wear resistant alloy steel Ni-hard replaceable and adjustable tips for paddle arms are provided for lower maintenance costs. This mixer unit comes with replaceable Corrosion and abrasion resistant steel liner plates for longer life and easy maintenance.

Loadout Conveyor

Load Out Conveyor : Mix material discharged from the pugmill is carried by inclined Conveyor belt and discharged into the tipper / truck through Hydraulically operated Surge Storage Hopper. The Conveyor belt is of reputed make like MRF / Dunlop / Equiv. This belt is supported by number of idlers and The frame is fabricated from appropriate size of channel and angles. A separate AC Motor with Gear Box is provided to run the Conveyor belt. Belt Scraper is provided to avoid any sticking of the mix material to the belt.

Hydraulically operated storage hopper is provided at the discharge end of the conveyor which stores the Mix and allows it to fall as mass in batches and thus avoids segregation and spillage during load out cycle.

Storage Silo

Mix Material Silo Capious offers a complete range of customized solutions for mix material storage. The standard systems. Silos are available with different storage capacities. The silos are supplied with automated standard safety controls and process interlocks. Different Shapes are available like Pyramid, Square, round etc. Silos of higher capacity can be supplied optionally as per requirement..

Water Tank with Water Pump

Water Tank : Capious supplies water tank with Wet Mix Macadam Plant along with Water pump

Filler Unit

FILLER STORAGE UNIT We offers a wide range of filler storage and feeding solutions for the customers to choose from, depending on the site requirements. A variable speed computerized synchronized metering system ensures the right proportioning in the mix.

Control Room with Control Panel

User friendly control Panel is designed to suit industrial installations. The controls are logically laid out for sequential operations and precise process controls. The manual override is also provided for Pug mill for additional safety.