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Asphalt Drum Mix Plant (Parallelflow Single Drum)

Capious - Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Capious Automatic Asphalt Drum Mix Plants are manufactured as per the specifications laid down by M.O.R.T & H. (formerly known as M.O.S.T.). The plants are designed and engineered to give trouble-free performance with enhanced fuel efficiency using the latest technology.

Capious   constantly   upgrade products and cater to customer the world best products, we are supplying our products to customer is exceptionally good quality and world-wide acceptable technology. We provide better after sells support with internationally known products.   We provide highly modern electric controls and technology, storage facility with excellent automation support.

Asphalt Drum Mix plant is a continuous mixer in which heating of aggregates, its homogenous mixing and addition of set amount of Bitumen and Filler is done in the Drum itself. The Hot Mix Asphalt manufactured gets dispensed continuously into a truck or conveyed to a storage silo.

Asphalt Drum Mix Plants available with capacity from 20 - 120 TPH. Capacity more-then 120 TPH are as per customer's requirement.

Salient Features

  • Unmatched technology.
  • Superior quality products.
  • World wide acceptable technology
  • Optimum fuel efficiency
  • Energy Efficient
  • AC Motors
  • Easy to establish (Erection & Commissioning)
  • QUICK availability of spare parts
  • Environment friendly.
  • Easy lubricating and dismantling
  • Convenient maintenance and repair.
  • User Friendly design.
  • High production rate
  • Wide duct to slow down air velocity
  • Microprocessor based panel board

Asphalt Drum Mix Plant - Various Models
( Stationary & Mobile versions)

Models DM-40 DM-60 DM-90
Output 40-60 TPH 60-90 TPH 90-120 TPH

Lower & higher capacity model being tailor made can be offered against specific demand.

The Asphalt Drum Mix Plant consists of

Fourbin Feeder

Cold Aggregate Four-bin Feeder : Self relieving bin walls with proper slope ensures constant discharge of aggregate without bridge forming. Self relieving bottom openings of the bins with optimum area avoid interlocking. One bin meant for fines or dust is fitted with vibratory motor to ensure the free flow of material. Each bin is equipped with an adjustable opening door that determines the discharge quantity for the materials capacity in outlet, as a function of specific weight of materials. Width of each bin is compatible with the width of the loader bucket.

The material from each bin is drawn out by means of extracting conveyor driven by adjustable variable speed motor, coupled with gear boxes, that enables to increase or decrease the material output as per the job mix formula requirements. It is also possible to increase or decrease the total capacity without varying the preset settings by means of master control. The material from the each bin is discharged into gathering belt driven by constant speed A.C. motor.

Vibratory Screen with Slinger Conveyor

Vibratory Screen with Slinger Conveyor - Capious Roadtech Pvt. Ltd.
Single Deck Vibratory Screen : Single deck Vibratory screen ( 40 mm) is fitted at the end of Gathering conveyor for removal of oversized material.

Cold (Slinger) Conveyor : Separate detachable Slinger Conveyor is provided to transfer the aggregates received from the vibratory screen to feed into the Thermodrum. Slinger Conveyor is driven by constant speed A.C. Motor coupled with Gear Box. The rigid frame of Conveyor is fabricated from appropriate size of Channel and the Conveyor belt is supported by uniformly spaced Idler Roller stands. Any sagging on the return travel of the belt is also taken care-of by Idler Rollers.

Dryer Burner (Multi Fuel)

Dryer Burner-Capious Roadtech Pvt. Ltd.
Thermodrum Burner Thermodrum Burner is the heart of the entire system and hence its efficiency, ease of serviceability etc. are most important factors. The Burner is fully automatic and two stage (High & Low) pressure jet type system, capable to reduce the moisture upto 0.5 % This burner is suitable to use LDO /Diesel as fuel and is fitted with remote control system to detect flame failure and have electric spark ignition system.

The temperature is controlled through thermostatic control device to operate the plant in desired temperature range. The nozzle system is so designed that the nozzle can be cleaned during running condition hence nil downtime for nozzle cleaning.

Dryer & Mixing Drum with Primery Dust Collector

Dryer cum mixing drum - capious roadtech pvt. ltd.
Thermodrum ( Dryer cum mixing Drum) The Thermodrum or Drier cum Mixture unit is a long rotating cylindrical drum fabricated from An abrasive resistant 10/12 mm thick M.S. plate. It is mounted on a sturdy and robust steel structure fabricated from Girders and Channels. A heavy-duty offset-type drive chain and four Trunnion Rollers running on Heavy Duty Bearings support the Drum. Three Rollers mounted on thrust bearings support the guide ring, taking care of the downhill thrust produced due to the degree provided to the Thermodrum.

Flame Guard is provided in the Thermodrum to restrict the Burner flame to reach upto the mixing zone. This Flame Guard divides the Thermodrum into two zones viz.
1) Heating + Drying zone 2) Mixing zone
The specially designed 8 mm thick `J' type + `W' type comb lifting flights have been bolted in both the zones in the zigzag / straight pattern which creates a dense veils of aggregate in front of burner flame, uniformly heats the aggregates and gives best mixing. The rotational drive to Drum is through Heavy Duty Offset type chain and Worm Reduction Gear Box driven by electric motor.

flight arrengments - capious roadtech pvt. ltd.
The Thermodrum is insulated with Ceramic Glass Wool and covered with a Stainless Steel sheet to prevent heat loss and to save Fuel as well as the life of the Drum. The Drier cum Mixing Drum is finally provided with a Rotor for efficient mixing and sweep discharge of material directly on the Load out Conveyor. The Multi Cone Dust Collecting system mounted on the same chassis allows optimum efficiency in accordance with the current ecological regulations.

Loadout Conveyor

Load Out Conveyor : Hot Mix material discharged from the Thermodrum is carried by inclined Hot Conveyor belt and discharged into the tipper / truck through Hydraulically operated Surge Storage Hopper. The Hot Conveyor belt is heat resistant, of reputed make like MRF / Dunlop / Equiv. This belt is supported by number of idlers and The frame is fabricated from appropriate size of channel and angles. A separate AC Motor with Gear Box is provided to run the Conveyor belt. Belt Scraper is provided to avoid any sticking of the mix material to the belt.

Hydraulically operated storage hopper is provided at the discharge end of the conveyor which stores the Hot Mix and allows it to fall as mass in batches and thus avoids segregation and spillage during load out cycle.

Pollution Control (Wet Scrubber type)

Pollution Control Unit (Wet dust collectors) A ventury type high efficiency wet dust collector that maintains the required environmental standards in specified areas. The extreme turbulence type venturi design ensures a very good entrapping of the dust laden exhaust gas. Large stainless steel spray nozzles provide a clog free operation and assure minimum water make-up requirements.

Storage Silo

HOT MIX SILO Capious offers a complete range of customized solutions for asphalt storage. The standard systems. Silos are available with different storage capacities. The silos are supplied with automated standard safety controls and process interlocks. Different Shapes are available like Pyramid, Square, round etc. Silos of higher capacity can be supplied optionally as per requirement.

Asphalt Storage Tank

Asphalt Tank : The Bitumen section of CAPIOUS Drum Mix plant mainly consists of Bitumen Tank, Bitumen heating burner, Bitumen Pumping & Metering unit and Hot Oil system. The Tank is fully insulated to minimize heat losses. The bitumen inside the tank is heated by U-shaped heating tube fitted with automatic burner of adequate capacity. A jacketed Bitumen Pump driven by Variable Speed Motor through Reduction Gear Box is provided to Pump the bitumen to the Drum. The bitumen flow rate is controlled by varying the RPM of Variable speed Motor.

The Bitumen Pump and all bitumen lines to and from the tank except pipe fittings and valves are hot oil jacketed. An independent electric motor driven pump is used for pumping the hot oil from hot oil tank to the jacketing lines. The single stage burner of bitumen tank is fitted with remote control system to detect flame failure and have electric spark ignition system. The temperature is controlled through thermostatic control device to heat the bitumen in desired temperature range. The main bitumen tank, hot oil tank, blower, hot oil pump, bitumen pump with speed reduction gear box and motors are all mounted on standby chassis and are provided with heavy legs to facilitate erection of the unit.

Filler Unit

FILLER STORAGE UNIT We offers a wide range of filler storage and feeding solutions for the customers to choose from, depending on the site requirements. A variable speed computerized synchronized metering system ensures the right proportioning in the mix.

Fuel Storage Tank

Fuel Storage Tank

Control Room with Control Panel

Fully computerized control cabin (AC optional) with on board electrical power control console, distribution switch board, fully automatic process and sequence controls are a standard on all plants.

    A user friendly software gives you total reliability and ensures top notch performance.
  • Fail proof power interlocks and auto process controls
  • Online fault detection
  • Online printing facility
  • Provisions to print, store and edit production details, mix proportions, etc.
  • Display of all process control parameters
  • Auto / manual operation
The control is equipped with function keys and numeric keys and does not require special skills for operation.

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