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Concrete Batching & Mixing Plant

Capious - Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Capious Concrete Batching plant capacity 20m3/hr & 30 m3/hr with 4nos In-Line Bins and most advanced newly designed Planetary mixer, Turbo Pan mixer, Twin Shaft Mixer and PLC based Panel. This concrete plant ensures complete homogeneous concrete mix quality with minimum cycle time.
Capious 20 & 30 is most unique cement concrete making plant for residential, commercial, Industrial, Bridges, Road  construction projects with many distinct features.

Salient Features

  • Fully Automatic – Electronic operation with PLC Control.
  • Most reliable plant, easy to use.
  • Consistent performance
  • Different combination report can be generated.
  • Negligible maintenance.
  • Can generate MIS reports.
  • Accurate weighing.
  • Mixer discharge by hydraulic cylinder.
  • Replaceable Liners and Paddel Tips in the mixer.
  • Rugged  fabrication - structure, Bins
  • Independent weighing system for cement, water & additive
  • Available with Inline Bins.
  • Mixer Options- Twin Shaft Mixer, PAN type Mixer, Turbo type mixer and Planetary Mixer.
  • Require minimum foundation and construction.

Concrete Batching & Mixing Plant - Various Models
( Stationary Model)


CBP 20

CBP 30


20 M3/hr

30 M3/hr

Lower & higher capacity model being tailor made can be offered against specific demand.

The Concrete Batching & Mixing Plant consists of

Bolted Bin

Bolted Bin : The Aggregate storage bins made from mild steel sheet. The installation of aggregate storage bins very user friendly. Belt conveying system driven by AC variable speed motors synchronized with load cells for accurate and best weighing The aggregate storage bins are broaden to facilitate the loading process by loader. Discharge window of aggregate bins are opened through pneumatic cylinder

Vibratory Screen with Slinger Conveyor

Vibratory Screen with Slinger Conveyor - Capious Roadtech Pvt. Ltd.
Single Deck Vibratory Screen : Single deck Vibratory screen is fitted at the end of Gathering conveyor for removal of oversized material.

Slinger Conveyor : Separate detachable Slinger Conveyor is provided to transfer the aggregates received from the vibratory screen to feed into the mixer unit. Slinger Conveyor is driven by constant speed A.C. Motor coupled with Gear Box. The rigid frame of Conveyor is fabricated from appropriate size of Channel and the Conveyor belt is supported by uniformly spaced Idler Roller stands. Any sagging on the return travel of the belt is also taken care-of by Idler Rollers.

Turbo Pan Mixer

turbo-pan-mixer unit-Capious Roadtech Pvt. Ltd.
Capious Turbo Pan Mixers are for concrete batching plant, and available in sizes ranging from 250 - 6,000 liters filling capacity. Numerous available options and accessories allow customers to tailor the mixer layout to their specific production needs. The Mixers have hydraulically operated Discharge Gates. The spring-loaded mixing arms are mounted in the rotor housing, and allow adjustment to compensate for wear, provide shock absorption, and minimize wear between mixing paddles and floor wear plates. Mixers are protected by replaceable wear liners made of Ni-Hard steel plates. Upon request, we will prepare them to accommodate moisture probes. For very abrasive batch materials or to extend wear life, mixers can be lined with replaceable liner plats.

Planetary Pan Mixer (Optional)

Planetary Counter-Current Mixers are for batching operations, and available in sizes ranging from 250 - 4,500 liters filling capacity. Numerous available options and accessories allow customers to tailor the mixer layout to their specific production needs. Mixers have hydraulically operated Discharge Gates. Complete the mixing action and give fast discharge. Mixing Paddel Arms and blades are made from ni-hard iron, for extreme wear resistance. Outer edges are thickened to equalize wear and the angle of attack is optimized to push, not slice, to maximize both mixing and blade life. Liner Plates are made of ny-hard cast iron tiles give many times the life of abrasion resistant steel liner plates.

Twin Shfat Mixer (Optional)

Twin Shaft Mixer Capious Twin-Shaft Mixers are ideally suited to precast ready-mix concrete production. The mixer trough is compact, with a large horizontal discharge gate and two counter-rotating mixing shafts. Mixer sizes range from 1500-4,500 liters filling capacity. Efficient mixing and homogenization of batch materials in the shortest possible time. The twin mixing shafts have roller bearings and seals on both ends. The seals can easily be replaced, without having to remove any component of the drive line. Mixing Paddles are made of special hardened Ni-Hard, and are easy to replace.

Control Panel

Control Panel The system can handle 4 scales with upto 5 Aggregates, 2 Cements plus Water and Admixture. Dedicated Batch Controllers for each scale provide indication of the weights and also directly control the feeders for each component. This 'Direct' control method given better feeding accuracy compared to the commonly used 'In-direct' control, where the feeder are controlled by the PLC whereas the weight input is given to an indicator. The PLC handles the complex inter-locking and sequencing functions to provide error free continuous operation The Manual Desk is equipped with push buttons, indications and charge over switches. Each device in the plant can be operated manually completely by- passing the AUTO system.